Blonde Mullet brigade

Grow a mullet Go blonde in August

Take a stand for young people's mental health and join our mission to provide free and timely counselling to everyone aged 25 and under.

From Blue Mullet to Blonde Mullet Brigade

Our good friend Jules kicked things off by growing a Blue Mullet last year to raise funds for I Am Hope. This year, the legendary Mike King, who hadn't rocked a mullet for the last 35 years, has decided to kickstart a mullet revolution!

Grow a mullet and start a conversation about mental health

Blonde Mullet Month

1st August - 3rd September

Grow Your Mullet, Spread the Word, and Go Blonde this August

Join the Blonde Mullet Brigade and help us raise funds to provide free and timely counselling for young Kiwis. Grow and shape your mullet to showcase your commitment to the cause, then take it up a notch by dying it blonde in August.


Join the Brigade

To start fundraising, simply create your Give a Little page by clicking this link. Don't forget to share your email address with us so we can support you, express our gratitude and maybe even hook you up with a sweet prize down the road.


Rock your mullet

Grow your statement hair and support youth mental health. Share your page to start raising some much-needed funds. When you hit the $100 mark (or simply donate that amount to your own page), we'll send you a free t-shirt.


Start conversations

Use your mullet as a conversation starter and share your story. By actively starting conversations about mental health, you can help break down stigma. Take a snap and share on your socials with the hashtag #blondemulletbrigade

Help raise much needed funds for free kids counselling

Gumboot Friday, founded by mental health advocate Mike King, provides young people with free and timely access to mental health practitioners.
With long wait times and limited resources, public mental health services are failing our young people.

Gumboot Friday's free counselling platform provides a bridge to rangatahi in need by breaking down the barriers of cost and wait times. Every day, more and more young Kiwis from all walks of life are reaching out for help.
By supporting Gumboot Friday, you can help us keep up with the growing demand and ensure that every young person has access to the mental health support they need.

With your help, we can give our children the gift of hope and a brighter future.
Grow a mullet and start a conversation about mental health

The Difference You'll Make

The funds you raise for Gumboot Friday will go directly towards funding free counselling sessions for young people in Aotearoa.

Read Social Impact Report
“Mike and Gumboot Friday literally saved my life if it wasn’t for those free sessions I would have never found out what was truly wrong with me and how to fix it.”
“I am one of those fortunate people who this fund has immensely helped. The Gumboot Friday fund helped me see a psychologist in a time where I was in a very dark headspace and was struggling to access any kind of support. ”
“When we found our counsellor I was surprised, amazed and so very very thankful to hear that my daughter’s first session would be free thanks to Gumboot Friday, and that should she require it, the counsellor was able to apply for up to another 2-4 sessions, also paid for by Gumboot Friday for my daughter.”
“You guys are amazing! You helped my son when he was having trouble with bullying at school. Without you, I don't know if he would have got through it, so thank you! My boys both went to school today with their gumboots on! Have donated! Xx”
“Tearing up with joy. Well done New Zealand. And thank you Mike, Jo, and the rest of Gumboot Friday team for helping myself directly and so many others on their journey.”
“Through Gumboot Friday both my sister and I were able to access additional counselling sessions as we had used up our funded free sessions prior. This was a big help for me as I was on the waiting list for a psychiatrist and I know it was helpful for my little sister to talk to someone who could help her wrap her head around what had happened.”
Follow the Blonde Mullet Brigade on Instagram @blondemulletbrigade and don't forget to tag us with #BlondeMulletBrigade when you post your pics.
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Exclusive BMB Tee

Share your Give a Little page and kickstart your fundraising journey. Once you hit the $100 mark (whether it's through generous donations or your own contribution), we'll hook you up with a free t-shirt!
Make sure to snap some awesome pics and flaunt that fantastic mullet of yours on social media. Inspire others to join the cause. Use the hashtag #blondemulletbrigade
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Not up for a mullet?

If you're not ready to commit or lack the hair for a mullet, no worries! You can still support the Blonde Mullet Brigade by snagging one of our tees. Your purchase helps fund free counselling sessions for young ones aged 5 to 25.
Remember to snap pics and share them on social media with #blondemulletbrigade. Let's spread the mullet love and raise awareness together!

Make your Give a Little page shine with these fundraising tips

Share your story

Share your story on your Give a Little page and let people know why you're passionate about fundraising for Gumboot Friday. Make sure to include a picture of your awesome mullet to show your dedication to youth mental health.

Jumpstart your fundraising

To get things rolling, make a donation to your own page and tell your friends and family about it. This initial support will encourage more people to donate. Plus, when you hit the $100 mark, we'll send you a free t-shirt as a thank you!

Connect with other fundraisers

Join our Blonde Mullet Brigade community group on Facebook and connect with other passionate fundraisers. Keep us updated on your progress and even team up with others. DM us on Instagram @blondemulletbrigade to get an invite.

Spread the word on socials

Use your social media channels to spread the word about your fundraising efforts. Share updates, photos, videos, and tag us with the hashtag #BlondeMulletBrigade to show off your soon-to-be mullet and inspire others to join the cause.

Join the Blonde Mullet Brigade

Don't take too much time to mull-et over

Get ready to rock that blonde mullet during Blonde Mullet Month, from 1st August to 3rd September 2023. To start raising some funds, simply click the button below and create your Give a Little page.


Our Blonde Mullet Brigade members aren't just dedicated youth supporters; they're also rocking some seriously epic hairdos. Follow us on Instagram @blondemulletbrigade. Support youth mental health by tagging us with #BlondeMulletBrigade.