Gumboot Friday overview

A fun way to raise money for kids' mental health

Having depression is like walking through mud every day. So on the first Friday in April every year, we ask you to show your support, put your gumboots on, give a gold coin, and take a walk in their shoes for just one day.


It's a fun way for kiwis to join in the mental health conversation, while raising money to provide FREE and timely counselling for any young person in need.


New Zealand's mental health challenge

Last year in New Zealand 175 young people died by suicide and it is estimated another 3500 attempted to take their own lives. While Government agencies are doing their best some young people are stuck waiting up to six months to receive the counselling they so urgently need.


How much of my donation goes to YOUNG PEOPLE?

100% of donations deposited by you into the Kiwibank Gumboot Friday account goes to counselling for young people by registered mental health practitioners. This is so your money goes directly where it's needed: to young people getting the help and support they need, when they need it most. 







Want to fundraise for gumboot friday?

How you can get involved

We need people like you to get your schools, workplaces, and organisations involved on May 28 to raise money for free kids counselling. When you register to fundraise, you will be given access to a downloadable 'gumboot fundraising kit'.

100% of funds raised go to Counselling sessions through the Gumboot Fund and the age range is now permanently 5-24yrs of age (inclusive)

Head over to our Fundraising Registration page and sign up now!



When is Gumboot Friday?

Friday May 28.

How do I donate?

You can donate via:​

  1. Internet banking (search Gumboot Friday Appeal as a payee)

  2. In person at any Kiwibank branch

  3. On Gumboot Friday via “Piggy-boots" at participating retailers and events (the organisers can deposit the money at a Kiwibank branch the next day)


More info is on our How to Donate page.

What sort of counselling services do you offer?

We provide funding for young people aged 05-24yrs to get counselling. Counsellors are not employed by I AM HOPE or The Key to Life Charitable Trust. We're collecting a database of counsellors qualified to work with young people, so we can share their details on our website (counsellors can sign up on our counsellors page). Young people can then Choose a Counsellor/s from our database to make an appointment. 

We have strict guidelines about the types of counsellors and therapists we accept onto our database. They must all fit one of the following categories:

  • Australian, New Zealand & Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA) 

  • NZ Association of Counsellors member (NZAC)

  • NZ Christian Counsellors Association member (NZCCA)

  • Psychotherapist Board of Aotearoa NZ registered psychotherapists (PBANZ)

  • NZ Psychologists Board registered psychologists (NZPB)

  • Or have their CV reviewed by our Board of Trustees


Counsellors and Therapists on our database are not a recommendation or exhaustive list of available professionals in New Zealand. We encourage everyone to do the necessary research to find a practitioner who suits your personal needs.

We expect all counsellors and therapists on our database to provide I AM HOPE and Gumboot Friday clients with the same quality of service and professionalism as clients who pay directly.

Why gumboots?

For people struggling with depression, it can feel like walking through mud every day.

So on , we're asking you Gumboot Friday, to show your support. Put your gumboots on, give a gold coin, and take a walk in their shoes for just one day.

​It's a fun way for kiwis to join in the mental health conversation, while raising money to provide free and timely counselling for any young person in need.

What is the money used for?

100% of your donation that's deposited directly into the Kiwibank Gumboot Friday account goes to counselling for kiwi kids and young people. Kids (with the support of their adult supporters) can make an appointment directly with a counsellor or therapist that meets our criteria. The therapist or counsellor can directly invoice The Key to Life Charitable Trust for the cost of the appointment.​

This will ensure 100% of your donation goes directly where it's needed: to kids and young people getting the help and support they need, when they need it most.

Who can access Gumboot Friday funding?

Anyone in New Zealand who is 25 years of age or under. 

How can I get involved?

Wear your gumboots on Gumboot Friday and show your support for those suffering from depression. 


Make a gold coin donation.


Involve your workplace, school or organisation.

Purchase one of our branded t-shirts or merch. When you wear it, remember to be open to having vulnerable conversations and talking to friends and family.


Post your fundraising ideas on our Gumboot Friday Facebook page - we’d love to hear what you’re up to. 

What if I don't have any gumboots?

You can still take part in any of the ways mentioned above. Or share a pair with a friend - a problem shared is a problem halved!

Where can I get a t-shirt?

Check out our online shop here.

All profits from the sale of Gumboot Up limited edition products will go into the Gumboot Friday Kiwibank account to help kids access free counselling when they need it.


All profits from the sale of standard I AM HOPE products will go towards the running of I AM HOPE and The Key to Life Charitable Trust.

Who or what is I AM HOPE?

I AM HOPE is an initiative by the Key to  Life Charitable Trust, a fundraising and advocacy organisation that supports young people who are struggling with their mental health. We help connect young people with existing counsellors or therapists and provide funding for counselling, so that they get help as soon as they need it.

I can’t find I AM HOPE on the New Zealand charities register. Are you legit?

Yes. I AM HOPE is a brand owned by The Key To Life Charitable Trust which is a registered charity (registration number CC44260) and overseen by a board of trustees

How many counselling sessions do you pay for?

We fund one counselling session a week per client with a cap of TWO sessions per client.  The Gumboot Funds  are not intended as long term funding solutions .


We encourage counsellors to work on their client's urgent need, until their client can get the district health board services they need.  

We do reserve the right to audit any financial records relating to I AM HOPE payments for counselling services, should we feel the need arise or if we see any unusual invoicing patterns. Clinical records will remain confidential between patient and practitioner.