They are all our children

With the generosity and support of New Zealanders we will continue to supply private care and counselling for young people in distress.

Helping child through the mud


November 5th 2021

Gumboot Friday is I AM HOPE's annual fundraising appeal, which aims to raise $5 million dollars for FREE kids counselling.

This year we are holding Gumboot Friday on November 5th.

Let's #GumbootUpNZ

Group of kids with gumboots

A fun way to raise money for kids' mental health

Having depression is like walking through mud every day.

So on November 5th, we ask you to show your support, put your gumboots on, give a gold coin, and take a walk in their shoes for just one day.

It's a fun way for kiwis to join in the mental health conversation, while raising money to provide FREE and timely counselling for any young person in need.

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