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We're thrilled you're interested in joining our community of great counsellors, therapists and health professionals providing kiwi kids and young adults with the mental health support and guidance they need.

Together we can change the mental health situation in New Zealand, change the conversation, and change the future for our young people.

We want to demonstrate that it's normal to seek help when you're experiencing depression or anxiety, and we need you. We're looking for health professionals and counsellors throughout the country that can work with kids and young adults.

Please note: Gumboot Friday is not a long-term solution designed to take over from government services, rather, it should be seen as a bridge between current services and immediate need. Everyone is encouraged to seek government funded help while utilising our service.

How the Gumboot Friday Platform works

NOTE: We need time to check every new counsellor's details.
Given the number of interested practitioners, there can be a delay between submitting the form and being accepted onto the system.
If you have any urgent questions or feedback, please contact us here.

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